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CompTIA Security + Certification One of the company's training courses Stone River eLearning It teaches important concepts and topics of cyber security and prepares you for the Security + (SY0-501) test. The test consists of six domains, all of which are examined in this course. These issues include: network security; Operational security and compatibility; Threats and vulnerabilities; Security hosts, data and applications; Identity management and access control; And cryptography.

CompTIA Security + Certification Topics:

  • Network Security Domain

    1. Networking 101 (14:06)
    2. LAN Security (12:31)
    3. Firewalls (2:53)
    4. IDS – Video (8:42)
    5. Transport Layer Security (3:38)
    6. IPSec (7:03)
    7. NAC (8:00)
    8. Advanced IDS (5:44)
    9. Advanced Perimeter Security (11:42)

  • Compliance and Operational Security Domain

    1. Principles of Security (7:41)
    2. Risk Management (17:01)
    3. Physical Security (7:29)
    4. Environmental Security (4:20)
    5. Data Classification (13:42)
    6. Operational Security (7:18)
    7. Incident Response (8:40)
    8. Change Management (4:01)
    9. Disaster Recovery (9:06)
    10. Forensics (14:00)

  • Threats and Vulnerabilities Domain

    1. Malware 101 (13:49)
    2. Cyberattacks (17:16)
    3. DNS Security (4:08)
    4. Social Engineering (8:49)
    5. Wireless Attacks (7:39)
    6. Advanced Wireless Security (14:08)
    7. Cross Site Scripting – XSS Attacks (8:31)
    8. Buffer Overflows (23:18)
    9. Security Testing Tools (9:23)
    10. Security Information and Event Management (11:51)
    11. Hardening and Baselining Platform (7:44)
    12. Honeypots (5:58)
    13. SW Vulnerability Assessment and Pen Testing (8:47)

  • Applications, Data and Host Security Domain

    1. Application Design Flaws and Bugs (3:53)
    2. Mobile Security and Device Management (9:23)
    3. Key Management (16:55)
    4. Virtualization and Cloud Security (28:40)
    5. Securing Storage and Storage Platforms (18:41)
    6. Information Lifecycle Management (5:16)
    7. Hacking IoT (8:51)
    8. Securing the Power Grid (3:56)

  • Access Control and Identity Management Domain

    1. Access Controls (10:05)
    2. Kerberos (12:50)
    3. Single Sign On (13:40)
    4. Identity Federation (6:53)
    5. Id Governance (13:24)

  • Cryptography Domain

    1. Encryption (7:14)
    2. Advanced Cryptography (13:40)
    3. Message Authentication Codes (5:40)
    4. Crypto Algorithms (8:03)
    5. A Note On Salting (6:59)
    6. Public Key Infrastructure (9:36)
    7. PKI Management (20:17)

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