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Uruguay Air Force Flight 571 is one of the most controversial air accidents occurring over the Andes Mountains. During this flight, an aircraft crashed on October 13, 1972 with 45 passengers. The final survivors of the crash, 16, were found December 23, 1972 (2 months and 10 days after the fall).
More than a quarter of the passengers died in the early days of the fall, and the rest were also affected by cold and starvation and by injuries. The survivors in the heights and in the face of terrible cold have spent a very difficult time. For survival, they were forced to feed the remains of their friends who were in the past. The search groups had no survivors up to seventy-two days after the incident. Two survivors of the incident, Roberto Kane Sue and Nando Paradou, were marching after twelve days, and with the help of a Chilean village named Sergio Catalan, they were able to announce that some survived.

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Plane Crash
On Friday, October 13, 1972, an amateur rugby team from the Montevideo University's old school flew a FH-227D flight to compete with a Chilean team in Santiago. Of course, the trip was started one day ago, but due to bad weather the plane and its passengers had to stop at one day at the International Airport of Caraco in the city of Mendoza. On a flight at a height of twenty-two thousand five hundred feet from the ground, the pilot could not go straight to Santiago. He first had to reach the Andes Mountains, and then continued his way to the west by turning to the west. In the afternoon, the plane reached the top of the Andes Mountains, which was very cloudy weather. Therefore, the pilot should only rely on the radar. Based on a fatal mistake, the pilot believed he had reached Santiago. But moments later, the plane collided with mountain peaks, and at the very first moments, a cavity was created at the rear of the airplane, and then another blow came to the left of the plane, and eventually the plane was drowned on the ground and on the snow and the mountain slope and collided With a cliff stopped. At the initial time of the fall of 12 passengers in the past and then in the early hours of the fall, 6 others died as a result of the severity of injuries. Of the remaining 27, there were a number of fractures. From here on, the tragedy continued in a different way, because none of the travelers had any means to survive in freezing and snow. Only two medical students attempted to provide wood-based boards for those who were fractured

After the release of the news of the plane crash, three of the three countries began their search operations, but the search did not succeed because of a white airplane in the midst of snow. After eight days, the search stopped. Survivors of a plane crash that followed news through a small transistor radio found that search was stopped by them. “On Harley,” who heard this lamentable report, informed others. Paul Raid says in a post-rescue interview: “We were all gathered around, but because the radio was very poor, he tied the radio to his ear and listened to the news. When he heard the news, he cried out, “The children just pray, they stopped the search

fear and hope
At first, we got into you and amazement, but Nico Lich screamed, we have to save ourselves, dare our children get out of here. The survivors had a few small packages of food and some drinks and a few packets of chocolate. They gradually and after the beverages ended, they found a way to water the snow and keep it in bottles, but despite the ration of the food, the food was over. There were no plants or habitats for hunting and preparing food at that high altitude and frost. They had tough discussions, but eventually they were forced to use the corpse as food in their ancestors to continue their lives. In the book “The miracle in the Andes”, which published a book about the incident and what was passed on him and his entourage in 2006, he says about this decision: “There was no food at that height. We were around, but we did not get anything.” . We tried to trash the luggage and turn it into leather straps and eat it, but the chemicals used in them allowed us to eat them. We'll cover the chairs, but they also had the same problem. The rest were aluminum and plastic.

On the morning of October 29, while people were resting on the remains of the aircraft, an avalanche collapsed and they were locked into the airplane. Nando Paradou tried to breathe a hole through the body of the aircraft, they spent 3 days in this terrible atmosphere. After rescuing avalanches, it was concluded that staying in this place was not a solution. They have to move, because in addition, they have suffered from blindness and lack of water in their bodies due to their presence in the highlands. The remnants thought they would reach Chile if they crossed the highlands and walked eastward. So they decided that a number of people would go to the rescue group. For them, they considered more food and warm clothes. The combination of the band was not very important, but the “paradox”, which was more active than the rest, introduced itself as the first volunteer. The two medical students also announced their readiness. Most people were worried about volunteering. They thought they were not able to march in distant distances. Finally, after completing the rescue team, they decided to first practice in the near paths, then, with less cold, perform the main march Give
Nando Paradou (sitting on the left) and Roberto Kaneh (sitting right) next to Sergio Catalan

Almost seven weeks later, the group started the main operation. After several hours of march, they reached the tail section of the plane. This section was completely intact. Some cigarettes, chocolates, and clothes were also found by some humorous books. This incident has greatly influenced the spirit of the group. Most importantly, they found the right place to stay at night. The next morning the group continued moving eastward, but the second night they were forced to stay outdoors. The deadly cold left them dead, and they concluded that it would be better to return to the place where the night was set up, the tail of the aircraft, and there they merely sought to take action to convey a message of help, including screaming. They returned to the tail of the aircraft and tried to build a radio transmitter, with the help of the battery and the remaining parts. The band continued to try to build the transmitter for several days under the supervision of Zarlie, who had electronic information. But their efforts failed. So there was no other way than passing through the mountain peaks.

A group that had survived the crash of the Uruguayan plane was still concerned about the fate of the friends who separated from them and went to help reach the Chilean border. The volunteering group was forced to rush to a hangout and fight against cold to save themselves. Of course it was possible to tolerate the cold of the day, but the cold of the night was impossible among the snow. So the solution was to make a warm sleeping bag for sleeping at night. Nando Paradou was able to make a three-layer sleeping bag using insulating materials and leather seats. This sleeping bag could well keep the group from deadly cold. The members of the group all remembered in this situation from the mother of Paradou, who taught her a little bit. The expertise in such a time and place could have saved their lives. After the bag was ready, the group was convinced that it would continue to go berserk.

They moved again December 12. The paradigm that guided the group, along with his friends, came to the summit of a mountain after three days of march. They also faced lack of oxygen during the ascent. But they thought that they would go a long way after reaching the summit, and eventually they could go to Chile. But when they reached the summit, what they saw was disloyal to them. There were several mountains to work until the eye worked. They knew that going down from the summit would get a lot of energy from them, but they seemed to think. The ore was returned to the rear of the plane to make several sleds with the metal body of the aircraft. After preparing their sleds, when they gradually came down the mountain, they saw a small valley in which a river flowed through it. They decided to go to the river when they reached the bottom of the valley. After several days, they saw a number of cows on the other side of the river who were busy. This was not believable to them.

They did not survive the excessive exhaustion of the road, they inevitably lit up the fire in the same place to warm up, and if anyone was there, they would be informed of their presence. After a few hours they saw a man on horseback across the river. “Ian Sai” initially thought it was illusory, but when one was turned into three people, the subject came out of the form of illusion and they tried to announce with a fuss that they needed help. The rider and his followers went and they decided to go on their way after tomorrow's rest, but the next day the man returned with some food to the river. He introduced himself to Catalan and threw food for them. Then the group wrote a note with a red matte on the paper and threw it round a rock and threw it across to the river. Kathleen said the subject was to his sons, and then he told the group how to continue their path to reach a bridge and be able to go to the river. Once they reached the bridge, the Catalan boys also announced the subject and brought the assistant team to the site. The group arrived in the village of Ponte after the march and crossing the bridge and settled there.

Uruguay Air Force Flight No. 571 Memorial Memorial
Meanwhile, the Chilean army was informed of the matter and moved the group to Santiago. Meanwhile, military helicopters flew around Mackay Eclat and were able to find the rest of the survivors. Until that time, everyone thought that all of the airplane's passengers were dead. Releasing the news of the rescue of people, various news groups came to the area to get first-hand reports from the story. Helicopters found people in stormy weather but could not save half the people because of the heavy thunderstorms, so another group was forced to spend another night on the rest of the plane. The next morning, the rest of the people were rescued and taken directly to the hospital. Most of them were dehydrated, malnutrition and organ failure. After rescuing the group, many rumors were made about them, so a relative interview was held on December 28 at Stella University to make everything clear after a relative recovery. After the end of the accident, a monument was built at the site of the crash of the plane and the burial place of the dead by placing rocks on each other and an iron plate. All the remains of the aircraft were burned to prevent any further curiosity from happening. Subsequently, several books were produced and published and the first book was published two years after the accident of one of the survivors, Andreas Sorrows. “He has talked about this incident,” he wrote about the reason behind the publication of the book, “I wrote this book to explain precisely what happened to us.”

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